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Retail configurationsEdit

PSP Core Pack launch prices
Country Release price Release date
Australia A$349.95 September 1, 2005
India INR19,990 September 1, 2005
Pakistan PKR15,600 September 1, 2005
United Kingdom £179.99 September 1, 2005
Canada CA$229.99 March 22, 2006
Europe 199.99 March 22, 2006
United States US$199.99 March 22, 2006
Chile CLP$169,990 April 4, 2008

The PSP is sold in four main configurations that differ in which accessories are included. The basic unit package or Base Pack (called the Core Pack in North America) contains the console, a battery, and an AC adapter. This version was available at launch in Japan and was later released in North America and Europe. The Core Pack currently retails for CA$/US$169.99, ¥19,800, HK$1,280 or $1,360 (depending on the color),S$280,[61]A$279.95,NZ$2990.95, 169.99, and £129.99.

The Value Pack includes everything in the Base Pack as well as a 32 MB Memory Stick Pro Duo, headphones with remote control, a carrying pouch, and a wrist strap. Some regions have modified versions of this pack that include different accessories. The Value Pack retails for US$199.99, ¥23,800, HK$1660,A$399.99,and NZ$449.95.

Many limited edition versions of the PSP that include various accessories, games, or movies have also been released.

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